About Me


I am so glad you are visiting my cooking blog, and are interested in learning about the person who is behind this project.

My name is, Hena Sofia Interiano Medina, better known as Hena. I am currently 14 years old and live in the beautiful country of Honduras.

Cooking has been one of my biggest passions, for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching my grandmother and my mom cook endless hours with such love for the entire family. My desire to receive classes and go beyond the knowledge received by them could not be hidden. Unluckily, there were no opportunities for me around. With the help of my dear family members, technology and a few books, I have been able to explore a little of the wide world I love so much, and aspire some day to master, the culinary arts.

Few years ago, I decided to start my personal project and cooking blog, Cooking with Hena. With hard work and dedication I have tried to do my best to gather my favorite recipes and share my little knowledge with you. Through Cooking with Hena I look forward to encourage individuals like you, to try different foods, explore new flavours, learn from each other and day after day advance in this beautiful path of cooking. My desire to learn more, share what I know, try new plates and recipes to cook barely begins!

I seek to learn even more as this journey follows and I really want you to be part of it! I invite you to share with me your recipes and your knowledge. I really hope you find Cooking with Hena a useful tool for your daily life and enjoy each recipe and content provided, in which I share with such love and effort.

Firma Hena