As my passion for cooking in the past years grew, my desire to attend an official culinary school also grew overtime. On summer of 2016, I got to know Miami Dade’s College, Culinary Institute. I had the experience of having a private tour around the installations, with a culinary student itself, Patricia Falcon.

Patricia gave me the tour around campus and shared her experience with me. PS- she is already a Miami Dade Culinary graduate 👩‍🍳❣️

That day, I was able to take a glance of what “real culinary classes” are, it left me with the desire of someday coming back to take a class myself.

Taking a look at the full equipped industrial kitchens. 👀

Sooner than I expected, I returned to the college this summer.This time not to watch and tour around, but to take my first “official” class.  I believe I caused a good impression as they were able to see my passion and desire to learn since I first met  the faculty and individuals around. They skipped protocol and were able to make an exception so I could attend a full day to the college.

Ready with my apron & hat for an awesome class! 💁

I attended a full class dedicated to the culinary technique, “Sous Vide” with international chef, Chef Ghali. Sous Vide basically consists, on under vacuum cooking at constant high temperatures.  I had never heard of this way of cooking before, yet Chef Ghali was nice and comprehensive and introduced me to it on the best way possible.

It was a pleasure meeting and learning from Chef Ghali! 😊

The entire day was a hands on class on one of the fully equipped kitchens at the culinary department of the college. During our time listening, learning, preparing, and cooking I got to work, meet and connect with many of the students who even though are older than me share the same love for the same passion

Chop! Chop! Chop! 🔪Preparing for a delicious Veggie Ratatouille 😋

Throughout the day I reaffirmed many of my skills, learned twice of techniques and prepared many side dishes and dishes I absolutely enjoyed. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Sous Vide Meat accompanied by artichoke chips. 🍖😍

Veggie Ratatouille, SousVide grilled Artichokes and of course some more of the delicious meat. 😋

My absolute favorite: SousVide Octopus 🐙😍

Definitely my Sous Vide Class on Miami Dade College had a huge impact on my perspective on the culinary arts and also helped me have a clearer vision for my future. It was an experience of a lifetime, doing what I most like to do. 

Thankyou Miami Dade Culinary Institute for making this possible. Really looking forward on coming back next summer and hopefully to have more experiences like this one. 

To follow all of my culinary adventures and experiences stay tuned on the blog and on all social media @cookingwithHena. 😊

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